A chair that is usually used for helping a person to clear their bowels when they are disabled due injury, age or illness and cannot use the normal toilet for the purpose are called Commode Chair. There are wheels on the commode chair for the caregiver to bring in the chair closer to the person who wants to use it so, that the person who cannot move about easily can use the toilet without having to move the distance. The person can be seated on the chair and taken to the bathroom for a shower or bath and wheel them back. There is a provision for attaching a bucket and to flip back the armrests when needed. Buy and use a commode chair.

Earlier chairs that were used

Before the invention of the commode chair, a normal wooden chair with an opening in the seating area served as a portable toilet, which had a chamber pot at the bottom for collecting the waste. The waste then can be cleared separately. It had a folding lid too, to cover up after usage. This was used before the flush toilets came into being. The commode chair has taken this concept and employed in a beneficial way for the needs of people who are not able to use the normal toilets due many reasons such as

  • Paralysis
  • Extremely obese
  • Injury of the legs, back or head
  • Old age and weakness
  • Congenital disability

There can be others too. But the usage is very beneficial for the caregivers also, it will be easier to manage the patient or person with the help of commode chair. The chair gave the user the freedom of not being dependent for his/her sanitary needs. When they are placed by the bed they are most convenient for the user to utilise whenever the need arises.

Since the person who is troubled to reach out to the toilet the chair near the person’s bed will ensure the person will not fall and injure her or himself. The commode chair with wheels allows the caregiver to take the person if so to the bathroom for other purposes such as for a shower or bath and fold the arm rests while doing so, so that the person need not move much but his/ her daily ablutions can take place without any problem.

This movable toilet does not need running water. The bucket acts as a container which is removable for cleaning and replaced. This can be placed near the bed of the patient. The wheels when not in use can be locked preventing the chair to roll away when the patient is using it. This is a very useful for patients who can’t walk to the toilet and may risk a fall and cause further injury.

The need for the commode chair has always been there, but as years has gone by and as technology has advance newer improvements have made the chair easier to use both for the patients and the caregiver.