You must be wondering if the title is really true? Yes, it is. Sanders is the best commodity to shape out any object on any surface. This tool works wonders forcarving out toys, walls, floors, idols of gods or buildings. We all love to watch beautiful objects. But do we ever think about the time that was needed to give it such a pretty look? Hardly, we do. In the olden architecture, very hard tools were used for the purpose of carving, draining out all the energy and patience of the workers. So as time went by, there came a needfor an updated version. The version is RANDOM OPTICAL SANDER


  • R26015-inch Random Orbital Sander by Rigid- this branded sander works wonders which weigh about 4.5pounds and the speed of rotation is 120000PM. It has awesome features like a special unit made for collecting the dust; it is soft, easy to handle, not at all fragile.
  • Skill orbital sander by Bosch which uses about 180W of power. It runs at the speed of 12000 orbits per minute.
  • DCA S1B-FF-114X234 orbital sander which is by DCA
  • DeWalt D26453 orbital sander worth 103$. It gives a speed of about 12000 orbits per minute and works wonderfully.
  • BDERO100 random orbital sander kit is a very popular one which is by Black +Decker and uses just 2amperes of current and has a speed of 12000 orbits per minute.
  • If you are a professional woodworker you can prefer to use Bosch ROS65VC-6 random orbital kit which will help you finish in very less time. The region of the disc is very wider in comparison to the other kits.
  • 59020 Nonvacuum orbital sandersĀ Dynabrade is very productive since it has lucky features like a floating rotor design and serves a dual purpose to be used as a vacuum tool as well.


There are many orbital sanders available in the market, but a very few of them are so capable of giving a fine speed of gritting. Some of the well known orbital random orbital sanders especially the R2601 is a unique one from the point of speed because it has a speed of 1200rpm which is not so accurately present in any other other products. That is why this 12000 rpm orbital sander is so preferred by all. So according to the latest reviews, this product has proved to be the best. This good speed is a combination of the superb material making up the disc and the good power holding capacity of the motor.

The random spinning of all the products mentioned so far is good enough and the cost needed to afford the products is quite profitable. These 12000 rpm orbital sanders are very useful for the professionals who are involved in handling larger projects related to wood carving or architecture. Hope that the article was enough to fetch you some idea regarding the tool and which brand would be a greater preference for you.