Own a Home without Buying It

To fulfill your dream of owning a home, come and get the help of Rent to Own Homes. It is a service that provides you a chance to have a home in Texas. The service is providing a huge opportunity to the people who wish to live in their own house but can’t afford it right now. To get a home in Texas with Rent to Own Homes, you have to apply for a lease at first and got approved for it. As soon as you get the approval you can choose the house which can be your dream house and get the paperwork ready. You should take the help of a realtor to go through this process. The best realtor for this purpose is Ray McCurty.

rent to own homes

You might want to know how the service is going to rent the home for you and let you buy it after some years at the same price. The working of the service is very simple. You only have to get the lease approval, then go with the realtor and choose the home you want. The home partners will buy the house for you and then rent it to you. You will have to sign an agreement stating some terms and conditions you have to follow. Once you sign the agreement, you will have 3 years of rent certainty with 1-year financial commitment with the lease. The best benefit you get with Rent to Own Homes is that you are free to choose the program in which you will set the price for your “now” rented home. You will establish that price in the right to purchase agreement and can pay off the price at the end of the arranged time period.

There are a lot of people living today on rent with no signs that they are ever going to own a house of their own. Instead of losing your money in a house which might never get yours, spend it on the one which you choose. Whether you want a house, an apartment, a duplex, or another kind, you can buy them all with Rent to Own Homes. The service is providing a great opportunity for the people who want to move into their personal home as soon as possible. So, stop dreaming about your home and start living in it with Rent to Own.