Hair Straightening with Keratin – The New Trend in Hair Treatment

Hair treatments with keratin are available in different salons for a long time now. But these treatments often end up with damaged hair structure. This is when Brazilian Blowout became the trend. These keratin treatments are professionally applied by a specialist. This has become very successful, making all customers happy.

 But going to a salon for a keratin treatment can be very expensive. Now, you can have better hair with keratin treatments right at the comforts of your home. Hair treatments at home are cheaper and if done correctly like how the salon does it, it would be more convenient. Hair products can be purchased from hairdressing specialist shops or you can purchase online.

Salon Hair Straightening Treatments

Salon keratin hair straightening is very expensive. Salon prices are over 200 euros. There are other hair studios or salons that offer 400 euros, making keratin hair straightening an expensive luxury. Salon treatment is done by an expert who has experience when it comes to keratin and straightening products.

The amount of product used for each customer will depend on the hair type and length. There are products used here that cannot be purchased locally. Hair specialists usually target damaged hair. They can still find a remedy for these cases. In these scenarios, it is recommended to have a keratin treatment for three months. A successful treatment can for 4 to 5 months as long as you maintain a healthy diet and use keratin shampoos.

Hair Straighteners and Keratin Products: The Aftercare

Usually, after using hair straightening or keratin products, it should not be washed out for three days. You should not use styling products and elastics for these three days. To prolong the effects, proper care should be done. When you are washing your hair you should always use keratin shampoo recommended by your hair stylist, and also silicones after the keratin treatment. The beach should also be avoided as well as chlorinated water. These can burn the hair and also the effect of keratin treatment will not be enjoyed. The smoothing effect will also be shortened.

As long as you follow these simple tips, you would be able to get the most of what you paid in the salon for straightening and keratin treatments. You would be able the long-lasting effect of these treatments with proper care and diet. Remember that you will be using products so you should make sure that you are getting the nutrients that your hair needs.