Advanced spikes to get rid of Intruders

Advanced technology is introducing new products to prevent dacoit and to keep maintaining the privacy of your home. Robbery is very frequent in these days. To stop this, it is recommended to assemble a wall spike as to bring peace into your apartment. These spikes are very good as a stoppage to the intruders; even it could prevent dogs, cats, or foxes entering your house. Various anti-climb perimeters with different ranges are available in the market with reasonable price. All you have to do is installing them.

Anti-climb spikes for home and garden security

Low-cost fence spikes are very common amongst the homeowners for protecting their garden fences and walls. When it will be assembled on the wooden or concrete wall, people or animals would dare to come across it. It is an ultimate prevention to burglary.Wall spike fence system with a barb length 64-100 mm and a barb thickness of about 0.8 to 2 mm maximizes your fence security. Different products can be customized according to the customer requirements.

spikes security system

Check out the premium quality products

  • Wall spikes and revolving star spikes security system for chain link fences and gates.
  • Flexible plastic razor spikes sections in brown placed at the top of a slide gate, and the plastic razor pipes appearing like cactus to protect the wall of the backyard.
  • Revolving wall spikes and black colored roller spikes for offering security in nuclear plants.
  • Black roller spikes and rotating wall spikes for security in a nuclear power plant.
  • Anti-climb spikes made with galvanized steel and hot-dipped measures 1ft in length, 35 to 45 mm in width, 1.5 to 2mm in thickness and 80mm in height.
  • Wall spike set made with steel are used for building a privacy fence
  • To cover masonry walls of 12000 linear feet, curved transparent and flat, cactus shaped spikes with green color are used.
  • Galvanized razor wire measuring 8m in length
  • For residential fencing use, anti-climb spikes coated with black powder. For the existing parameter use razor bard wire
  • Castle razor spikes of 1.8 m long which fight against rusting can be veryuseful with predesigned holes.


You cannot secure your home, without having a prime prevention from the unwelcomed out-comers, or unwanted animals, which is why it is mandatory to take stern action against it. Wall spikes of various types, hence are advised to be installed as to meet the need.